CAPIO’s Core Values

Selfless Sevice

The service we render are borne out of of genuine compassion for those in prison, who also deserve to be cared for and so, we whole-heartedly devote ourselves to this service without expectations for worldly gains/rewards.


We are accountable first to God, whose injunction spurred us to action and service. We sincerely believe in being open in our dealings with our donors/supporters and their funds/resources. WE equally expect and will support duty bearrs and other stakeholders to be accountable in their stewardship.


We believe that the course we pursue is one that people willingly commit to without coercion, and so, we are open to working with like minds towards achieving the mission of the organization.

Our Other Core Values

Other Core Values

Comprehensive Viewpoint

We accommodate diverse viewpoints and are willing to learn and adapt better strategies and methods to perfect our work. We work strategically to form allies with other organizations/bodies because we see the problem of prison and the legal systems as cross-cutting societal issues that require a multi-dimensional approach to effect desirable reforms.


We offer our services in Nigeria prisons and legal system and do not discriminate or segregate in any form- be it on the basis of religion, race, ethnic group, sex, social or otherwise.


We give the best of our services and do not compromise quality even when the services are offered free (pro-bono) to beneficiaries.

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Our team

Carmelite Prisoners’ Interest Organization[CAPIO]

Who we are?

Established in 1992 as a human rights organization to address the rights, needs and dignity of prisoners, CAPIO was formally registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission(CAC) in 2003. The organization started off as part of the apostolate of the Order of Discalced Carmelite (OCD) Friars in Enugu State and has plans to leverage on the prescence of the Carmelites in other States to expand the work of CAPIO. The inspiration for the work is derived from the fact that all human beings are created in God's image and likeness with equal dignity and rights. CAPIO also strives to fulfill the demands of Matt.25:35-36, "...I was in prison and you came to me".

Recent Achievements of the Legal Unit

  • Secured the release of 44 prisoners in both Oji River and Enugu Prisons.
  • Secured bail for 30 inmates inNsukka prison.
  • Freedom for 133 inmates in Enugu, Oji River & Nsukka through jail delivery exercise.
  • Paid the fines for 3 inmates to secure their freedom

What CAPIO does

CAPIO works as a not-for-profit, change-development organization advocating and promoting genuine justice and prison sectors reforms and contributing to improve the general welfare of prisoners in Nigeria. CAPIO commits to the call for justice through advocacy for legal reforms and penal codes’ reviews; through provision of free medical and legal services; and through compassionate obligation in helping prisoners while in and out of prisons. CAPIO’s interventions over the years have focused mainly on the provision of basic needs of prisoners; free legal and medical services; rehabilitation of prisoners; and cooperation with other Human Rights Organizations to advance the course of justice. CAPIO’s work has been executed under the four program components of Legal, Medical, Social welfare and Rehabilitation.


Latest news


Through CAPIO’s legal advocacy programme, indigent prisoners who cannot afford the services of defence attorneys are provided with free legal representation in court. The case of Mr. Ekenechukwu Ani is just one of numerous pathetic cases encountered in the course of CAPIO’s legal advocacy.  Mr. Ekene, the sole bread winner of his family, resides with […]

CAPIO Conducts Psychological Assessment in Enugu, Oji River and Nsukka Prison

The advocacy championed by CAPIO led to the passage of the Administration of Criminal Justice Law of Enugu State. The law will largely curb incidences of human rights abuse in prisons, whilst also promoting efficient justice delivery in the State. On implementation of the law in the courts, large number of people awaiting trial will […]


For a long time, CAPIO has witnessed the deplorable state of Enugu prisons. The maximum security prison in Enugu State was originally built for a maximum capacity of 630 inmates, however, it currently houses 2029 inmates. Over- congestion is only a fraction of the problems encountered in the prisons. Prison cells are largely dilapidated and […]

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