CAPIO successfully represented eight defendants out of which six were minors and students of different secondary schools in Enugu State. According to their story, they all attended the funeral ceremony of the grandmother of one of them and got stranded because they had no transport fare back home. They decided to attend a crusade just to pass time. After the crusade, five of them slept in the house of one, while the other two went to their houses respectively. While the other six were sleeping, the vigilante came and startled them with the sound of their gun and they all ran away and entered the store house of a church and slept there. The next morning, the village security came and arrested all six of them and the other two were they had passed the night on the allegation of conspiracy, store breaking, malicious damage and breaking out of the storehouse of a church. They were charged to court and subsequently remanded to the Enugu State Maximum Custodial Centre, although the presiding Magistrate granted bail to them which they could not perfect at the time.

CAPIO acquired their brief during one of her regular visit to Enugu State Maximum Custodial centre and immediately swung into action. At trial, the prosecution failed to prove the charges leveled against them making the court to uphold CAPIO’s submissions and arguments. They were eventually discharged and acquitted of all charges.

The defendants and their respective families are grateful to CAPIO for her timely intervention and free legal representation.


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