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Our Core Values

Our Values

Selfless Service

The service we render are bourne out of genuine compassion for those in prison, who also deserve to be cared for so we whole-heartedly devote ourselves to this service without expectation for worldly gain/reward.


We are accountable first to God, whose injunction spurred us to action and service. We sincerely believe in being open in our dealings with our donors/supporters and their funds/resources. WE equally expect and will support duty bearrs and other stakeholders to be accountable in their stewardship..

Comprehensive Viewpoint

We accommodate diverse viewpoints and are willing to learn and adapt better strategies and methods to perfect our work. We work strategically to form allies with other organizations/bodies because we see the problem of prison and the legal systems as cross-cutting societal issues that require a multi-dimensional approach to effect desirable reforms.


We believe that the course we pursue is one that people willingly commit to without coercion, and so, we are open to working with like minds towards achieving the mission of the organization.


We give the best of our services and do not compromise quality even when the services are offered free (pro-bono) to beneficiaries.


We offer our services in Nigeria prisons and legal system and do not discriminate or segregate in any form- be it on the basis of religion, race, ethnic group, sex, social or otherwise.

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