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Sometime in February 2016 (Name With held) was arrested on the allegation that he stole a tricycle at gun point somewhere around Edozien Street, Uwani Enugu. He was charged for armed robbery at the Magistrate Court in Enugu on 27/4/2016 and remanded in prison custody. (Name With held) had no lawyer to represent him in court because his mother could not afford the services of a lawyer. He remained in prison until CAPIO met with him in 2017 and provided him with free legal services.
The State filed a charge of armed robbery against him at the High Court Enugu on 27/3/2017 and his trial commenced thereafter.
CAPIO legal team represented (Name With held) all through the trial which also went through Trial-within-trial and after the prosecution closed their case, CAPIO legal team filed a Submission of no Case to Answer on behalf of the defendant.
Ruling on the No Case Submission on 15/4/2019 the court upheld the arguments of CAPIO legal team and discharged and acquitted the defendant.

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