(Name withheld)was charged for attempted murder alongside his female cousin who was released earlier before CAPIO got wind of the matter. The matter was referred to CAPIO. Upon enquiry CAPIO discovered from him that the complainant lives beside the compound of the defendant’s Cousin’s house in the village. He said that the Cousin’s parents had died mysteriously and within a short time apart and that his cousin had consulted a dibia who informed him that the complainant was responsible for their death. He has gone to the village from Benue State where he lives with his cousin, saw the complainant and accosted him before leaving the village. When he returned to the village to visit his parents some months later, he was arrested by the village neighbourhood watch and handed over to the police with his female cousin who witnessed him accosting the complainant. They were both charged to court. CAPIO applied for his unconditional release as no formal charge was filed against him at the High court. The application was granted and he was unconditionally released on the 9th day of April 2019.

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