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On the 23rd May, 2019, CAPIO invited by the Corps Legal AID CDS group delivered a lecture on the topic: “CAPIO, Persons in Prison and the Law” The lecture was to enable an effective collaboration and exchange of ideas, knowledge and strategies between CAPIO and the Corps Legal AID CDS group.
Delivering the lecture, Rev. Fr. Ambrose Ekeroku, Executive Director of CAPIO, gave the Corps members the history of CAPIO and how CAPIO has worked genuinely over a course of 27 years to respond to the needs of persons in prison through; Advocacy, Legal Aid, Medical care, Social welfare and Rehabilitation. He mentioned how CAPIO through advocacy and in collaboration with other NGOs saw to it that the Enugu State Administration of Criminal Justice Law was passed into Law and how CAPIO has championed its implementation through training of relevant stakeholders like the Nigerian Prison Service, the Nigerian Policing agencies, Judiciary and Judiciary staff, the Lawyers and lastly Community Liaison Officers. In his lecture he made reference to innovative sections of the law which makes it peculiar from that of the Lagos State Administration of the Criminal Justice Law and the Administration of the Criminal Justice Act. He also brought to their notice that full implementation of the Enugu State ACJ Law will ensure Speedy and timely trial of persons in conflict with the Law and also bring about reformation in the entire criminal justice sector.
After delivering the lecture, CAPIO made a donation of 40 copies of the ACJL and 40 copies of the abridged version to the Legal Aid CDS group. The copies were received officially by the NYSC Enugu State Coordinator Alhaji Ahmed Wada Ikaka, who thanked CAPIO for the enormous work being done in ensuring that Persons in Prison receive free legal representation and welfare.
Barr. Sandra Adiele the CDS Coordinator, also accompanied by Barr. Enoima Ekon the CDS Vice President and Barr. Olumide Omosebi the CDS litigation officer appreciated CAPIO on behalf of the entire Corps Legal Aid CDS group for honoring the invitation which they hope will foster collaboration between the group and CAPIO.

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