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CAPIO embarked on a 5-day strategic planning workshop after reviewing the level of implementation of her previous strategic plan for the year span of 2014-2018. CAPIO Staff, Volunteers, Board of Trustees and Stakeholders (Ministry of Justice, Judiciary, Nigerian Prison Service, Enugu State Justice Reform Team, Ministry of Education and the Media) are back to the drawing board in a workshop facilitated by Mr. Francis Ademola, who has expertise in strategy and policy development to formulate CAPIO’s strategic focus for the next five years 2019-2023.
The Strategic planning was predicated on two major pillars: Programmes and Organizational Capacity Development. The workshop began with a planning exercise which saw the rebirth of CAPIO’s Vision & Mission statements. Also, key strategies were formulated, program components and expected outcome were developed to help achieve the vision of CAPIO for the next five years.
Stakeholders in Criminal Justice Sectors also contributed ideas on interventions that will bring desired changes to their respective institutions and foster collaboration with CAPIO.
One of the fallouts of the workshop was the expansion of CAPIO’s strategic focus to include vulnerable youths in our area of intervention. This expansion is in response to the yearning of the young people for CAPIO to extend her services to the voiceless in the society. The workshop also saw the need for restructuring of the organogram of CAPIO and the establishment of a liaison office.
The workshop finally came to a close after days of brainstorming and strategizing. A very important component that wrapped up our planning was CAPIO timelines and Year one operational plan.
Immense thanks to a dynamic Facilitator Mr Francis Ademola, CAPIO’s Administrative Consultant, Christal Ogene and the Amazing CAPIO Team, Volunteers and Stakeholders. Profound thanks to Misean Cara for their funding support.

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