CAPIO led a delegation to the governors of Ebonyi and Enugu State for the release of prisoners on death- row. The success of this intervention led to the release of ten offenders on death-row. Prisoners and ex-offenders as we know are widely discriminated against and excluded in Nigeria. This discrimination is mostly associated with inability to secure gainful employment and stigmatization. Hence, there was grave need to rehabilitate these ex-offenders and prepare them for reintegration into the society. The Irish Embassy in Nigeria came to the rescue by funding CAPIO’s project for rehabilitation of these ex-offenders. The aim of the project is to empower these individuals, by providing them with skills and resources to enable them re-enter society as economically productive citizens. Owing to their prolonged period of incarceration, it was also necessary to rehabilitate them psychologically.
CAPIO empowered these ex-offenders by purchasing equipments and materials for them to start up skilled trades in welding, carpentry, barbing, polythene bag production, catering , electrical works and ICT service delivery. CAPIO also secured shop spaces for the empowered ex-offenders. To ensure efficient and successful management of these businesses, CAPIO will schedule regular visits to the ex-offenders’ places of business to monitor their progress.

Among beneficiaries of this project is Mrs. Ezeh, who was released from Enugu prison through the expertise of CAPIO’s legal team. Mrs Ezeh had declared interest in starting up a catering business in Enugu State. Mrs. Ezeh beamed with smiles as the Executive Director of CAPIO presented her with food items to commence a food business.Other Items given to her include gas industrial burner, 21kg gas cylinder, commercial umbrella, commercial pot, a chair and nylon nags. To ensure that the business is managed efficiently and profitably, Mrs. Ezeh will receive free courses on business administration, to be delivered by CAPIO’s finance staff. The progress of the business will also be closely monitored.


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