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Lagos is the fifth VOICE State to receive the CAPIO Team on a quest to assess the detention condition of women in Nigerian prisons. The Kirikiri Women Prison in Nigeria is the first all women prison in Nigeria and has remained one of the best managed prison facilities in the country. Interactions with the staff led by the Officer-in-Charge, Mrs Lizzy Ekpendu were insightful. This was followed by a tour of the facility and interactive session with over 150 of the 314 women in the facility.
The relative comfort observed in the prison facility has been attributed to visionary leadership, staff commitment and efficient partnership with governmental and non-governmental agencies within and outside the State. This could be a lesson to other prison facilities to foster partnership that are in the prisoners best interest.
In the middle; Rev. Fr. Ambrose Ekeroku and DCP Officer-in Charge of Kirikiri Female Prison Mrs Lizzy Ekpendu, with prison staff and members of CAPIO Team

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