24th – 25th September, 2019


Preamble (click for details)

There remains a dire need to sustain conversations on continuous reforms in Nigeria correctional service especially as it pertains to gender. The minimum standards for the treatment of inmates are set forth in international law, treaties, and conventions, including The Mandela Rules and the Bangkok Rules. Our custodial centres are increasingly overcrowded, health and living conditions are unbearable and have suffered neglect for far too long. For years, reforms have been a controversial and complex issue to address. In order to promote correctional reform, countries must work together to promote human rights. Problems such as overcrowding, high number of Awaiting Trial Persons (ATPs), lack of speedy trial, poor feeding and sanitary conditions, torture and gross human rights abuse of inmates abound. While these issues receive periodic, cosmetic and tokenistic attention, women and children in Nigeria custodial centres have remained shut off and marginalized.

Background (click for details)

In 2013, there was a two-day International delegate’s conference on correctional reforms with the theme: “Criminal Justice Policies on Prison Reforms and Infrastructural Investment in the Prisons Sector”. The conference focused on the need to provide a platform for dialogue and practical exchange of ideas, initiatives and knowledge in the area of correctional reform and Justice for inmates. It focused on the reformation of the penal system through the development and implementation of international human rights instruments with regard to law enforcement, custodial conditions and standards, and the use of constructive non-custodial sanctions which encourage social reintegration whilst taking account of the interests of victims as well as discuss ways at improving institutional capacity of the correctional system.

In 2015, Carmelite Prisoners Interest Organization (CAPIO) in collaboration with key partners such as the Nigeria Correctional Service (NPS) and National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) among others, organized an International Correctional Sector Reform Conference. The theme of the conference was Needs Assessment of the Nigeria Prisons Reform based on previous Advocacy Efforts and Infrastructural Investment Opportunities in the Prisons Sector. It provided correctional administrators and potential investors (local and foreign) with the opportunity to exchange experience and best practices for more competitive business within the correctional services. The conference empowered partners to liaise with, monitor and advise the Government on key areas of improvement identified long after the conference is over.

Today, the many issues in the Nigeria Correctional System remains alongside other emerging issues such as gender. Therefore, the Correctional Sector Reform Conference of 2019 will create new opportunities to build formidable networks that will sustain the improvements in the advocacy for holistic reforms in the Correctional Sector in Nigeria.


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Who should attend?

  • Honourable Minister of Interior
  • Permanent Secretary, Federal Ministry of Interior
  • State Comptroller of Correctional Service and Administrators
  • State Commissioners of Police
  • States Attorney Generals and State Prosecutors
  • Diplomatic Missions and Consular Representatives
  • National and State Assembly Members
  • Police, Customs and Immigration Officials
  • Members of the Judiciary
  • Human Rights and Civil Society Organization
  • Infrastructural Experts and Developers
  • State and Local Government Administrators
  • Federal and State Government Agencies and Parastatals
  • CEO’S and Directors
  • Faith Leaders across the country 
  • Policy Managers

Follow up

To provide real benefit to the Nigeria Correctional Service, the conference will provide for a structured follow up of those attending and all those targeted to attend. The objective is to establish their level of interest, provide them with well thought and collateral material detailing the sectorial opportunities and investment incentives and secure their commitment to a follow up meeting or contact.

Venue, Date and time

Venue: Reiz Continental Hotel, Abuja. Plot 779, Cadastral Zone AO, P.M.B 140, Central Business District, Abuja, FCT

Date: 24th & 25th September, 2019

Time: 9 AM

Organisation and Structure

The Conference will begin each day with the headline speakers, followed by tea breaks where participants can have informal direct contact for discussions with keynote speakers; Afternoon sessions will be on focussed on panel discussions followed up with buffet/lunch break after which the day’s activity will be rounded up.


One of the key features of the Conference would be its ability to provide participants with unsurpassed networking opportunities. The conference promises a unique mix of high quality seminars and discussions, as well as energised plenary sessions. Over two hours of networking would be scheduled into the programme with conference breaks designed to encourage attendees to network in a convivial environment. Delegates will meet fellow delegates and speakers and over breakfast, coffee or lunch. Share good practices and seek answers to the numerous challenges that face Nigeria’s Correctional System.

How to register


Mail : Carmelite Prisoners’ Interest Organization, 2 Bent Lane, G.R.A Enugu , Enugu State, Nigeria.
Email to: mail@capiong.org;


Tel: + 234 8166770855 (Debbie), +234 8036017362 (Chijioke)


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