What does CAPIO do;

CAPIO, Carmelite Prisoners’ Interest Organization is a not-for-profit organization registered with the Nigerian Corporate Affairs Commission, to advocate for the human rights of prisoners in Nigeria, prison sector reforms, and prisoners’ rehabilitation. In addition, CAPIO is committed to driving sustainable development in the justice system delivery of Nigeria. CAPIO achieves these objectives through the provision of LEGAL MEDICAL and PSYCHOLOGICAL services to inmates. Also, CAPIO partners with stakeholders to lead advocacy for the adoption and implementation of far-reaching policies that promote the well-being and human rights of prisoners. CAPIO is currently sourcing funds to erect a rehabilitation centre for ex-offenders in Nigeria. (for more on the rehabilitation centre, please check our latest news)

Is CAPIO a religious organization;

The Founding Fathers of CAPIO are the Order of Discalced Carmelites, who during their Apostolate mission in Nigeria, saw the need to establish an organization whose main objective is to advocate for the human rights and welfare of prisoners. Though CAPIO was founded by a Religious organization, CAPIO does not discriminate or offer its services based on religious or political affiliations. CAPIO is also an equal-opportunity employer, as persons are recruited and promoted based on their personal competencies, contributions, and potential.

Is CAPIO working to secure the release of all prisoners in prison?

There has been a lot of misconceptions surrounding the ambit of CAPIO’s intervention. One of such misconceptions is the notion that CAPIO is working to secure the release of all inmates in prison, howsoever guilty of the crimes alleged. Whereas CAPIO is committed to providing free legal services to indigent inmates in Nigeria, it is imperative to point out that CAPIO believes that Justice is three folds; justice for the victim, justice for the offender and justice for the State or community. CAPIO is at the foremost, sympathetic to the victims of crime and acknowledges the wrong done to them. CAPIO encourages the State to prosecute criminal charges diligently, and where a defendant is found guilty of the crime alleged, as pronounced by the courts, CAPIO believes such defendant should be allowed to serve his time. CAPIO, however, advocates against the practice of dumping indigent suspects in prison without trial, hence, the free legal services provided to inmates. CAPIO does not in any way pervert or thwart the cause of justice, but commits to the call of justice. CAPIO is also committed to the rehabilitation of prisoners, in anticipation of subsequent reintegration into the society. Rehabilitating ex-offenders provides justice to the community, in the sense that rehabilitation prevents criminal recidivism.

Can I join CAPIO?

Yes, you can! we advertise vacant positions on our website when the need arises (check us out on CAPIO also has a vast network of friends, volunteers, and donors, and we will be delighted to hear from you. You can become a volunteer or donor of CAPIO by reaching out to us on any of the following numbers 08179228111 or 08035267868. You can also send a message through any of our social media handles indicated below.  Alternatively, you can drop by our office at no 2 Bent Lane, GRA Enugu.

What is the most impactful project CAPIO has implemented?

I can tell you for free, that CAPIO is implementing a variety of impactful and life-changing projects within Enugu and across Nigeria. With funding support from Misean CARA, CAPIO championed the advocacy that birthed the Administration of Criminal Justice Law of Enugu State 2017 (ACJL 2017), which is adjudged to be the best version of criminal Justice Law in Nigeria. CAPIO is also currently implementing the provisions of the ACJL and is equipping courtrooms and police stations in Enugu State, with viewing and recording devices for confessional statements, respectively. CAPIO is also implementing a project across Nigeria, titled VOICE. The project, in a nutshell, seeks to mainstream gender-sensitive principles in the administrative system of Nigerian prisons. This project was borne out of the need to promote the well-being of women and children in prison. CAPIO’s flagship projects, which is still in the works, is the Oji-River Center of Hope Rehabilitation Project. With this project, CAPIO seeks to erect a rehabilitation center for ex-offenders where they will be given the much-needed psychological and medical rehabilitation, whilst also undergoing skills acquisition courses that will enable them to become self-reliant members of the society. Browse through the project page to find out more about our projects.